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Authorization - Debbie Parker Wayne
Authorization - Debbie Parker Wayne
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Authorization for Service

This HTML form or the PDF verion can be filled in on your computer then use the "Print Page" button to print the form. The completed form can be scanned and sent as an e-mail attachment or mail it using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

I, the undersigned, known in this agreement as Client, enclose payment (check or money order) payable to "Debbie Parker Wayne" in the amount of $ ($U.S.) to authorize research or computer services to be performed by Debbie Parker Wayne, known in this agreement as Genealogist. Client authorizes Genealogist to conduct this service on his/her behalf for an amount not to exceed the amount above (time and expenses). The objective of this service or research project is:

All pertinent information Client has on this research subject will be provided to Genealogist before start of the project to prevent duplication of work previously done by others. This includes reports, summaries of previous research, copies of records, notes on sources previously researched, family group sheets, pedigree charts, etc.

Genealogist will provide a detailed report covering services performed. For research services this includes citations for sources checked during the research, analysis of findings, and an itemized report of the time used and expenses incurred. For computer services this will include tasks performed and final product such as electronic files, as required. Research will not be started until after receipt of payment and authorization.

The research costs will be charged as follows: per hour, including review of information supplied by Client, preparation of a detailed research plan, research, analysis and interpretation of findings, and report preparation, PLUS cost of microfilm rentals, photocopies, long distance phone charges, postage, parking at research facilities, travel, and other necessary expenses. Balance in full is due before the final report is sent. Balance of unused fee, if any, will be returned along with the final report. When the authorized maximum has been reached or the objective has been reached, Genealogist will provide the report. Additional research can be authorized by agreement and payment of additional fees.

Genealogist will perform this work as an independent contractor in accordance with prevailing standards in the profession, including adherence to the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG). If the parties are unable to agree on any matter arising out of this contract, the issues shall be submitted to the arbitration process of BCG. The finding of the arbitrator shall be final, permanent, and binding on both parties.

The research report is a proprietary report compiled solely for the Client. Client may make personal copies of Genealogist's report as a "fair use" of the copyrighted material. Client use of the facts within the report are entirely at his/her discretion; however, the analysis and opinions expressed in the report remain intellectual property of Genealogist and, when cited or quoted, must cite her as the author and must be quoted precisely. Client specifically grants permission to Genealogist to use the report and related files from this research for application or renewal purposes to BCG. Client may give permission for the records found to be used in articles and educational activities by the Genealogist. Information provided by Client shall be held confidential, unless authorized in writing or compelled by a court.

Client understands there are no guarantees regarding what information, if any, may be found or what conclusions may be drawn from it and that no prediction can be made of the exact time needed to research the problem. Delays can be caused by missing documents, unindexed or improperly indexed records, faded ink making a document difficult to read, shipping time for records and microfilm that must be ordered, and various other things.

Client understands that DNA results may reveal previously unknown and/or unexpected information about relationships. Genealogist cannot be held responsible for resulting emotions or reactions to this information.

Submitting this form constitutes Clients acceptance of the terms stated above.

Client's Name:
Street Address:
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Phone #: (format: 123-456-7890)
Today's date:

To pay by check or money order, mail a printed copy of this form with payment to the address below.

Debbie Parker Wayne, PO Box 397, Cushing, TX 75760-0397
Until a confirmation e-mail has been issued to the client, this project has not been officially accepted by the genealogist.
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