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Privacy Policy / Disclosure

Last updated: 25 May 2018
Information collected
Debbie Parker Wayne is the sole owner of this website (debbiewayne.com)
and blog (debsdelvings.blogspot.com/).
The website stores no cookies other than those collected by the
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The blog stores no cookies other than those created by Google's blogspot.com service.
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Personally-identifying information will be disclosed to others if required by law.

Your rights to your information
Please contact us by email (see address below) if you want to to exercise
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Web links
We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of sites linked from this site.

Changes to the Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy may change periodically at the sole discretion of the owner.
Using the site after any change in this policy constitutes your acceptance of such changes.
All statements made in the blog are the opinion of the post author.
This blog is not sponsored by any entity other than Debbie Parker Wayne
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Hot links to other sites are provided as a courtesy to the reader
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except as clearly stated in the narrative.

About Us

Debbie is experienced using DNA analysis, as well as more traditional techniques, for genealogical research.
Certified Genealogist® Certificate No. 1004, renewed, expires 13 September 2025.

The words Certified Genealogist and letters CG are registered certification marks, and the designations CGL and Certified Genealogical Lecturer are service marks of the Board for Certification of Genealogists®, used under license by board certificants after periodic evaluation.
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Debbie Parker Wayne
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Certified Genealogist®
Credentialing Organization: https://bcgcertification.org/


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