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Genealogical and Technology Lectures

Contact me for rates, fees, and availability. Lectures on genealogical and computing topics such as those shown in this list are available. Lectures on other topics can be requested given enough time to prepare the lecture before the event date. New topics are always in development, but are not listed here until complete.

List of DNA Reference Works - this is a select bibliography of genetic genealogy references online and in print used for all of the DNA lectures described above.

DNA and Genetic Genealogy

  • GATA GACC! DNA and Genetic Genealogy Today

    Learn where we are today using DNA for genealogy. Maximize Y-DNA, mitochondrial DNA, and autosomal DNA test results to contribute to genealogical research goals.

    A general introduction to using DNA testing for genealogy and where we are today. It covers Y-DNA for the direct paternal line, mitochondrial DNA for the direct maternal line, and autosomal DNA for the other ancestral lines. You will learn what DNA testing is and how to obtain the tests, how to use the test results to maximize the contribution to genealogical research goals, and which tests can be used for ethnic studies based on the current technology.
    Audience level: Beginner

  • Maternal Lines: Using Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)

    Understand mitochondrial DNA testing with an introduction to analysis of test results. Sample research problems demonstrate how mtDNA can be used by genealogists.
    Audience level: Beginner-Intermediate

  • Paternal Lines: Using Y-DNA

    Learn details of Y-DNA testing including how to analyze test results. Findings can corroborate your paper trail or place you on the right research path.
    Audience level: Beginner-Intermediate

  • Going Nuclear: DNA Discoveries to Trace All Lines of Descent

    Learn to link families using autosomal DNA test results from any testing company. Maximize impact on your genealogical research goals. Includes how to use test results such as those from 23andMe and Family Tree DNA Family Finder tests.
    Audience level: Beginner- Intermediate

  • Mitochondrial DNA: Tools and Techniques to Go Beyond Basics

    Learn advanced uses of mtDNA. This lecture uses case studies to demonstrate databases and analysis methods using mtDNA for genealogy. Low resolution and full mitochondrial sequences are discussed.
    Audience level: Intermediate-Advanced

  • X-DNA: Inheritance and Analysis

    Learn uses of X-DNA. This lecture uses case studies to demonstrate databases and analysis methods using X-DNA for genealogy.
    Audience level: Intermediate-Advanced

  • MAXY DNA: Correlating mt-at-X-Y DNA with the GPS

    Learn to correlate DNA test results with traditional research as part of the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS). Case studies demonstrate principles and techniques that work. This can be presented as a one-hour lecture, but is most useful when presented as a hands-on half-day workshop for those already familiar with the basics of genetic genealogy.
    Audience level: Intermediate-Advanced

  • DNA Analysis Tools

    A plethora of analysis tools at all levels are now available for genetic genealogy. Some are scientific tools that genealogists can also use. Some are designed specifically for genetic genealogy. Learn to make use of these tools to advance your genealogical research.
    Audience level: Intermediate-Advanced

  • atDNA Chromosome Mapping

    Genetic genealogists have developed techniques for mapping segments of DNA to a specific ancestor. This can be useful when a DNA match occurs and one of the testers hasn't documented a complete and accurate lineage. This includes discussions of the amount of DNA shared by different relatives, how multiple common ancestors can complicate calculations, and how to triangulate between multiple matches.
    Audience level: Intermediate-Advanced

  • DNA and Genealogy (One-day Beginner Workshop)

    A one-day workshop combines four of the topics above. The first four combine as a good beginner workshop. Case studies demonstrate principles used in Y-DNA, mtDNA, and autosomal DNA (nuclear DNA) tests for genealogical purposes.

  • Genetic Genealogy Analysis and Tools Seminar (One-day Intermediate Workshop)

    A genetic genealogy workshop primarily for researchers who are a step beyond the beginner level. A brief review of genetic genealogy basics and company offerings will start the day. Less-experienced researchers in genetic genealogy will learn how to get started with the latest applications and tools. Those who already understand the basics of genetic genealogy will get more from the case studies used to illustrate intermediate tools and techniques. Tools illustrated may include GEDmatch, DNAgedcom, ADSA, GGK, GenomeMate, and/or others as appropriate to the case study.
    The foundational knowledge needed to get the most from this seminar can be obtained in several ways. Attendance at an all-day seminar on genetic genealogy, attendance at multiple DNA sessions at major conferences, studying the "Genetic Genealogy Journey" column written by Debbie Parker Wayne starting in the October-December 2013 issue of the National Genealogical Society /NGS Magazine/, or reading any of the genetic genealogy books and blogs recommended by Debbie. Many of these items are freely available from links on Debbie's website at See the topic "Foundational Knowledge for Genetic Genealogy."
    1. Genetic Genealogy Today: Review and Updates (1 session) A brief review of genetic genealogy basics such as the inheritance patterns of each type of DNA used for genealogy. This includes an introduction to some of the tools that will be illustrated in later sessions.
    2. Genetic Genealogy Company Comparisons (1/2 session) Information on how to choose a DNA testing company, the pros and cons of each company's offerings, and the tests available today.
    3. Tools and Applications for mtDNA (1/2 session) Illustration of a real-life case study using the latest tools and techniques to analyze mitochondrial DNA which is passed along the matrilineal line.
    4. Tools and Applications for Y-DNA (1 session) Illustration of a real-life case study using the latest tools and techniques to analyze Y-DNA which is passed along the patrilineal line.
    5. Tools and Applications for atDNA (1 session) Illustration of a real-life case study using the latest tools and techniques to analyze autosomal DNA which is inherited through all ancestral lines.

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