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1940 U.S. Census Facts

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NARA Microfilm Publication T627 — includes Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Panama Canal Zone, Puerto Rico, Samoa, Virgin Islands
- 4,646 rolls census images, see
Arkansas - 67 rolls, numbers 116 - 182
Texas - 232 rolls, numbers 3977-4208

120,000 enumerators, door to door, returned if person wasn't home
134,146,298 population (131,669,275 continental - up 7.2%, 2,477,023 territories)
Enumeration districts (EDs) consist of two hyphenated numbers (as in 1930):
the first two digits represent the county number or large city;
the last two digits represent the ED number proper within the larger division. Blank pages may exists between the last family enumerated in the initial visit and others: information begins on page 61A for homes where a return visit was needed information beings on page 81A for each ED for those in hotel tourist homes, trailer camps, etc. (counted on April 8-9)

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