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List of Article Titles in the Journal of Genetic Genealogy

JOGG 7 (Fall, 2011)

Editor's Corner — See important note here on the 2011 issue The Editorial Board  
'Satiable Curiosity — Identity Crisis: Identical by State or Identical by Descent? Ann Turner  
On the Structure and Age of mtDNA Haplogroup JT — A Phylogenetic Tour J. J. Logan  
The Evolution of the Gordon Surname: New Insight From Y-DNA Correlations and Genealogical Pedigrees Tai A. Gordon and William H. Howard  
Dating Y-DNA Haplotypes on a Phylogenetic Tree: Tying the Genealogy of Pedigrees and Surname Clusters into Genetic Time Scales William E. Howard III and Frederic R. Schwab  
Review — Melungeons, A Multi-Ethnic Population Roberta J. Estes, Jack H. Goins, Penny Ferguson, Janet Lewis Crain  

JOGG 6 (Fall, 2010)

Editor's Corner — JoGG 2.0 Blaine T. Bettinger  
'Satiable Curiosity — Up Hill and Down Dale in the Genomic Landscape: The Odd Distribution of Matching Segments Ann Turner  
Letter to JoGG re: Y-STR Mountains in Haplospace, Part II: Application to Common Polish Clade Peter S. Gwozdz, Lawrence Mayka, Michael Konczak, and Thomas Krahn  
Phasing the Chromosomes of a Family Group When One Parent is Missing T. Whit Athey  
Centre-Based Hard and Soft Clustering Approaches for Y-STR Data Ali Seman, Zainab Abu Bakar, and Azizian Mohd. Sapawi  
mtDNA Haplogroup T Phylogeny Based on Full Mitochondrial Sequences David A. Pike, Terry J. Barton, Sjana L. Bauer, and Elizabeth (Blake) Kipp  
A Reference Database to Support Analysis of mtDNA Haplogroup N, its Descendant Haplogroups, and Associated Clades Jim Logan and Whit Athey  
Review — Revealing American Indian and Minority Heritage Using Y-line, Mitochondrial, Autosomal and X-Chromosomal Testing Data Combined with Pedigree Analysis Roberta Estes  
Special Section: Y-DNA Projects Clan, Tribe and Household: Y-DNA & One Name Studies Francois Andre Greeff, Andre Servaas Greeff, Yolanda Harris, Lucas Rinken, and Dawid Welgemoed  
Towards Improvement in Y-DNA Surname Project Administration James M. Irvine  
Defining a Methodology to Reconstruct the Family Trees of a Surname Within a DNA/Documentary Dual Approach Project Chris Pomery  
Larkin DNA Project - Ancestral Parish Sampling on the Shannon River Bradley T. Larkin  

JOGG 5 (Fall, 2009)

Editor's Corner — It's Time to Retire Whit Athey  
'Satiable Curiosity — Mix and Match: DNA Stories from an Ancestor Ann Turner  
Interview — With Bennett Greenspan  
Y-STR Haplotypes and Predicted Haplogroups in the Slovak Haban Population Eva Petrejc?kov?, Daniela Siv?kov?, Miroslav Sot?k, Jarmila Bernasovsk?, Ivan Bernasovsk?, Adriana Sovicov?, Iveta Boronov? Alexandra B?žikov?, Dana Gabrikov?, Petra Šv?ckov?, Sona Macekov?, Jana Carnogursk?  
HLA Polymorphisms in Forros and Angolares from Sao Tome Island (West Africa): Evidence for the Population Origin N?dia Saldanha, Carla Sp?nola, Margarida R. Santos, Joaquim P. Simões, J?come Bruges-Armas, António Brehm, Hélder Sp?nola  
The Advantages of a Dual DNA/Documentary Approach to Reconstruct the Family Trees of a Surname Chris Pomery  
Review — Where Have All the Indians Gone? Native American Eastern Seaboard Dispersal, Genealogy and DNA in Relation to Sir Walter Raleigh's Lost Colony of Roanoke Roberta Estes  
Special Section: Cluster Analysis and the TMRCA Problem Introduction Whit Athey  
Y-STR Mountains in Haplospace, Part I: Methods Peter Gwozdz  
Y-STR Mountains in Haplospace, Part II: Application to Common Polish Clades Peter Gwozdz  
DNA Genealogy, Mutation Rates, and Some Historical Evidence Written in Y-Chromosome, Part I: Basic Principles and the Method Anatole A. Klyosov  
DNA Genealogy, Mutation Rates, and Some Historical Evidence Written in Y-Chromosome, Part II: Walking the Map Anatole A. Klyosov  
The Use of Correlation Techniques for the Analysis of Pairs of Y-Chromosome DNA Haplotypes, Part I: Rationale, Methodology and Genealogy Time Scale William E. Howard  
The Use of Correlation Techniques for the Analysis of Pairs of Y-Chromosome DNA Haplotypes, Part II: Application to Surname and Other Haplotype Clusters William E. Howard  

JOGG 5 (Spring, 2009)

Editor's Corner — DAR versus DNA Whit Athey  
'Satiable Curiosity — ('Satiable Curiosity is "on Vacation" for this issue) Ann Turner  
A Set of Distinctive Marker Values Defines a Y-STR Signature for Gaelic Dalcassian Families Dennis M. Wright  
On the Propagation of Mitochondrial Mutations Ian Logan  
A Refined Phylogeny for mtDNA Haplogroup J Jim Logan  
The Continuing Hunt for Nuclear Mitochondrial DNA Sequences (NUMTs) in the Human Genome Ian Logan  
Review — Y Haplogroups, Archaeological Cultures and Language Families: A Review of the Possibility of Multidisciplinary Comparisons Using the Case of Haplogroup E-M35 Andrew Lancaster  
Null Values for DYS425 in Y Haplogroup Q Rachel Rein  

JOGG 4 (Fall, 2008)

Editor's Corner — Nomenclature, Take Two Whit Athey  
'Satiable Curiosity — Going Through a Phase: Haplotyping the Female X Chromosomes Ann Turner  
An Interview with John Butler and the Human Identity Group of U.S. NIST    
Genetic Diversity in Flemish Y-DNA Guido Deboeck  
More Realistic TMRCA Calculations Kenneth Nordtvedt  
A Comprehensive Analysis of mtDNA Haplogroup J Jim Logan  
Review — Addressing Y-Chromosome Short Tandem Repeat (Y-STR) Allele Nomenclature John M. Butler, Margaret C. Kline, and Amy E. Decker  
Y-SNP rs34134567 Defines a Large Subgroup of Haplogroup G2a-P15 T. Whit Athey and James F. Wilson  

JOGG 4 (Spring, 2008)

Editor’s Corner — A New Y Tree Whit Athey  
‘Satiable Curiosity — Y-Chromosome and mtDNA Information from deCODEMe Ann Turner  
Genetic Structure of an Isolated Sub-Tribe of the Adi People of Arunachal Pradesh State in Northeast India: Isonymy Analysis and Selective Neutrality of Surname Distribution in Adi Panggi Suvendu Maji and T. S. Vasulu  
The Subclades of mtDNA Haplogroup J and Proposed Motifs for Assigning Control-Region Sequences into these Clades Jim Logan  
A New Subclade of Y Haplogroup J2b T. Whit Athey and Bonnie E. Schrack  
Review — Where Did European Men Come From Kalevi Wiik  

JOGG 3 (Fall, 2007)

Editor’s Corner — Mutation Rates Whit Athey  
‘Satiable Curiosity — Hot or Not? Ann Turner  
Letters to the Editor— Positions Available at JoGG    
Y-Haplogroup Frequencies in the Flemish Population Gerhard Mertens  
Haplogroup E3b1a2 as a Possible Indicator of Settlement in Roman Britain by Soldiers of Balkan Origin Steven C. Bird  
Mitochondrial DNA Control-Region Mutations at Positions 514-524 in Haplogroup K and Beyond William R. Hurst  
Geographic Patterns of Haplogroup R1b in the British Isles – Deconstructing Oppenheimer Kevin D. Campbell  
A Suggested Mitochondrial Genome for ‘Mitochondrial Eve’ Ian Logan  

JOGG 3 (Spring, 2007)

Editor’s Corner — A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Retirement Whit Athey  
‘Satiable Curiosity — Stacking the Deck: Mutation Rate in the mtDNA Coding Region Ann Turner  
Announcement: A New DNA Fund Katherine Hope-Borges  
Geographic Patterns of Haplogroup R1b in the British Isles Kevin D. Campbell  
A Major Subclade of Haplogroup G2 T. Whit Athey  

JOGG 2 (Fall, 2006)

Editor’s Corner — Time for a Change Whit Athey  
‘Satiable Curiosity — Gene Conversion on the Y Chromosome Ann Turner  
Insights Into the O’Neills of Ireland from DNA Testing Edwin B. O’Neill and John D. McLaughlin  
Estimating Per-Locus Mutation Rates John F. Chandler  
Haplogroup Prediction from Y-STR Values Using a Bayesian-Allele-Frequency Approach T. Whit Athey  
Review — We Are Not Our Ancestors: Evidence for Discontinuity Between Prehistoric and Modern Europeans Ellen Levy-Coffman  

JOGG 2 (Spring, 2006)

Editor’s Corner — An Explosion of Y-STR Markers Whit Athey  
‘Satiable Curiosity — Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Heteroplasmy in Mitochondrial DNA Ann Turner  
Review of Forensic Genealogy by Colleen Fitzpatrick Georgia K. Bopp and Thomas T. Bopp  
Announcement: New On-Line ISOGG 2006 Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree Katherine Hope-Borges and Alice M. Fairhurst  
Phylogenetic Networks for the Human mtDNA Haplogroup T David A. Pike  
Diagnostic Y-STR Markers in Haplogroup G Phillip G. Goff and T. Whit Athey  

JOGG 1 (Fall, 2005)

Editor’s Corner — New Test Offerings Bring New Horizons for Genetic Genealogists Whit Athey  
‘Satiable Curiosity — The Case of the Ubiquitous 16519C Ann Turner  
Pitfalls in Determinations of Y haplogroup F* T. Whit Athey  
The medical implications of complete mitochondrial DNA sequencing Ian Logan  
Resolving the placement of Haplogroup I-M223 in the Y-chromosome phylogenetic tree T. Whit Athey and Kenneth Nordtvedt  

JOGG 1 (Spring, 2005)

Editorial — A New On-Line Journal Devoted to Applying Genetics to Genealogy Whit Athey  
‘Satiable Curiosity — Research needs of the genetic genealogy community and proposed projects that could address these needs. Ann Turner  
Haplogroup prediction from Y-STR values using an allele frequency approach T. Whit Athey  
DYF399S1: A unique three-copy short tandem repeat on the human Y chromosome Gareth Ll. C. Henson  
A mosaic of people: the Jewish story and a reassessment of the DNA evidence Ellen Levy-Coffman  

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See Debbie's List of DNA Reference Works for a selected bibliography of genetic genealogy references online and in print.

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