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Paypal - Wayne Research
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Helping the Records Speak
Traditional documentary research, genetic genealogy consultations, workshops and lectures, and writing services.

Paypal Payments

An e-mail invoice can be sent to Paypal Clients who prefer and in special situations where the amount due does not match one of the set amounts listed in the drop-down menu below.

In most situations, the options presented below will work well after your project has been accepted and fees have been agreed to. Select a payment amount from the drop-down box below. Then click the "Buy Now" button to go to the Paypal website where the payment can be reviewed prior to completing the transaction.

An e-mailed message authorizing the research or a printed and signed authorization form is required even when payment is made via Paypal. An e-mailed authorization should include the same information as on the printed form.

This authorization letter in HTML format or PDF format can be printed, filled in, and mailed if preferred over e-mail.

I authorize research services (document retrieval, analysis, and report writing) as defined in the authorization agreement with total research cost not to exceed the amount specified in the agreement and selected below.

Research Package
DNA Analysis
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Debbie Parker Wayne
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