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Research - Wayne Research
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Helping the Records Speak
Traditional documentary research, genetic genealogy consultations, workshops and lectures, and writing services.


I provide the following genealogical research and writing services:
  • Traditional genealogical problem solving research services.
  • Consulting services for analysis of genealogical records already gathered. This is useful for those who wish to do some research themselves, but need help getting around a brick wall. It can also be useful to determine if proof acceptable to professional genealogists has been found for a family link. A list of additional resources that should be searched and evaluation of supporting and contradictory evidence can be provided. I especially enjoy working on tough problems and looking for sources and details that are often overlooked in genealogical research.
  • Searches for specifically requested records such as census, birth, marriage, death, obituaries, cemetery records and tombstones, church records, military records, compiled resources, etc.
  • Genealogy, biography, and family history writing and editing for print or electronic distribution. A sample biography of Samuel Christopher Johnson Sr. demonstrates writing style and how to add historical context around the events of an ancestor's life.

For these genealogical research services I need the following items:
  • your specific request (locating a marriage record, discovering an ancestor's parents' names or birthplace, locating a military pension file, using information from your family group sheets and documents to provide a family history that can be sent to your family at Christmas, etc.).
  • a detailed list of sources already searched and what was found; complex problems generally require analysis of copies of sources already in your possession.
  • all known information about the person(s) targeted by the research request (name including maiden name of women, if known, and nicknames; event date or timeframe estimate; locale where the event took place, as specific as possible; religious affiliation; occupation; military unit or branch and dates of service).
  • any additional information you may have that could make the research more specific and efficient, such as family group sheets, pedigree charts, family legends and stories.


The research costs will be charged as follows: hourly research fee including review of information provided by the client, research, analysis, and report preparation, PLUS costs for microfilm rental, photocopies, long distance phone charges, postage and handling, travel, and other ordered or approved out-of-pocket expenses. Balance in full is due before the final report will be sent. Refund of unused deposit fee, if any, will be sent along with the final report.

What You Should Do

After you determine my services meet your needs and have gathered the information I need from you in order to perform the service, e-mail your request (using the "Contact" information at the bottom of the page).

Include a telephone number if you wish to discuss your request via a phone call. This initial contact should include a list of information you have that is pertinent to your request but need not include photocopies at this time. Include information that may have an impact on estimating the scope and/or amount of time involved to complete your request.

After reviewing your request, I will contact you with an estimate of the time needed to complete your request, how soon I can start on your request, and the hourly fee. If I feel I cannot provide you with the service requested I will try to refer you to another genealogist.

If you decide to engage my services you can send a deposit and authorization letter of the terms of our agreement and I will begin work on your request.

Links below access authorization letters that can be printed, filled in and mailed with your deposit check or money order. A printed and signed authorization form is required before work will begin.

Sample Authorization Letter for Services: HTML format, PDF format

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Debbie Parker Wayne
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Certified Genealogist®
Certified Genealogical LecturerSM
Credentialing Organization: http://bcgcertification.org/


e-mail (preferred contact method): or
Mail: PO Box 397   Cushing, TX 75760-0397
Phone messages: 936-326-9101
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